In 1994, the husband and wife team of Burleigh Drummond and Mary Harris began a musical journey known as Tin Drum.

Their first collaborations resulted in the collections "Real World" and Small Parade", both of which ranked in the top ten Indie Charts and garnered many accolades.

During this period, Tin Drum attracted the attention of many fellow artists and a period of collaborative co-writing, arranging, and producing began that has born the fruit of an impressive and diverse catalog of music.

This process continues today with eight to ten new releases by a variety of artists coming forth each year. Currently, Tin Drum has just put out a new CD called "Where Have You Been?".

Although the recording process is very satisfying unto itself, a need has arisen to find an afterlife for this music, a need to promote this music to markets and opportunities looking for quality compositions. So that need has given birth to Tin Drum Music, an extension of everything we have done in the past to create a base from which our artists can have their music exposed to the opportunities existing worldwide.

Please give a listen to the artists represented here and enjoy your visit.

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