Burying God's Word into the hearts of kids and parents…

How best to do it? The three dads who form Kingdom Bound (KB) have found the most effective way is to put it to song. So for the last 20 years, KB has been writing, recording and distributing scripture tunes – songs with strong hooks, in all styles of music -- that have kids and parents singing out God's word from memory. KB found that writing scripture music that appeals to parents, in contemporary styles reminiscent of the music they grew up listening to, is a sure-fire way to get them to play the music for their kids.

This formula had its genesis one summer about 20 years ago at KB's church Family Camp -- where the daily verses were put to song, tied to student curriculum, and played at campfire for most of the campers in the evenings. The tradition has continued, with KB's catalogue now in excess of 100 tunes, and the distribution expanding to other churches.

Songs that stick in the brain and carry a message to the heart – that's the way we commit scripture to memory.

KB's singular goal remains consistent – to arm kids with the power of God's scriptures so they can recall and rely on them as they encounter the struggles and blessings of adolescence and adulthood. With original tunes that serve a special purpose – like teaching second graders to memorize and sing the 66 books of the bible in order for their congregation – to scripture medleys that highlight a home school lesson plan or a vacation bible school curriculum, KB can supply fun, Godly music that nourishes hearts and gets young and old singing.

These three dads have seen it work – in their own families and in small rooms with groups of kids that seemingly have the ability to learn scripture tunes within minutes. Parents approach them to say their kids always want to hear KB in the car, and young adults tell them that they still sing the old songs.