sanelli trailer

Nick Sanelli, "Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

-do volo (Italian-American Historian/Philosopher/Writer/Pundit)

Nick Sanelli's music originates
from a salubrious palette of rhythms and themes,
from rock and roll to country western.

His lyrics provide a whimsical but deep imagery
from historical, philosophical and biblical themes,
delivered with pure unmechanized clarity.

But it is Nick's unfaltering ear
that blends the rhymes with the essential message
that makes it so enjoyable on so many levels.

Had Leonard da Vinci first emerged at fifty-eight from a cave in
Lecce and displayed his art and inventions, it would not be any less a wonderful surprise that a talent such as this has arrived from a trailer in Santa Monica to present, his works for all to enjoy.

"A little to the right of Ghangis Khan and a little to the left of Timothy Leary"
-Van Dyke Parks-

Sanelli is working with an interesting team of music vets (including our pal BILLY HINSCHE on guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and vocals) to bring together an eclectic mix of blues and ballads with a personal, philosophical, and dogmatic theme. You'll probably dig this music if you're into: Billy Hinsche, Bruce Springsteen, Jeffrey Foskett, Jesus Christ, Jimmy Buffett, Neil Young, The Osmonds, Taylor Mills, or Tom Russell.
-Bradley Mason Hamlin-
(Mystery Island Music)

"I believe in this LP and know it will be a success!"
- Kim Reilly -