tin drum

Meet TIN DRUM: an ensemble of musicians bringing an invigorating freshness to contemporary music by exploring themes that fall outside of well-worn trends. This Southern California-based band has released two CDs, REAL WORLD(1995) and SMALL PARADE(2001), both capturing the musical passions of the group, presented with intimate, personal style.

The band's nucleus is the husband-wife team of BURLEIGH DRUMMOND and MARY HARRIS, two veterans of American music who continue to thrive with their current project as strong, experienced singing and songwriting partners.

Drummond was the founding drummer of Ambrosia, a group that helped define the sound of popular music in the 1970s and '80s with a string of hits and 5 subsequent Grammy nominations. Drummond wears many musical hats now, playing drums, percussion and acoustic guitar while also providing vocals.

Harris is a singer/songwriter who has honed her skills on the road and in the studio, working with such top acts as Pink Floyd, XTC, Stanley Clarke and Jimmy Buffett. She plays keyboards and provides vocals.

Enhancing the ensemble are MICK MAHAN(bass) and LARRY TREADWELL(guitar, mandolin, vocals), musicians who embrace and help further define Tin Drum's musical philosophy. The band also continues to work with music industry stars, like the master producer Alan Parsons, who contributed production assistance on "Surrender" from their debut release REAL WORLD.

The name Tin Drum comes from Gunter Grass' novel, The Tin Drum. It's about a boy who decides that staying young is preferable to growing up. The name is especially appropriate because the music of Tin Drum is, at times, incredibly playful, young and refreshing-especially the up-tempo percussion, crisp vocals and intoxicating harmonies.

But a deeper exploration reveals rich, complex arrangements and a mature look at the world that is revealed through lyrics that reflect both the ethereal content of dreams and the concrete issues of everyday living. The individual tracks stand alone as examples of gifted composition, while also being compelling layers of a greater musical structure.

At the heart of the group's music is the notion that music never ages, but it does grow up. And with each new TIN DRUM release, this band demonstrates its capacity to grow.

-Tin Drum-